Who is neonomad?

Few years ago I came into the web site of a man who inspired me. I was about seventeen, eighteen years old and I perceived the way of life that inspired me. I don’t know whether his site still exists somewhere on the network, anyway I’ve been trying to find it frequently. Unsuccessfully. For the last six or seven years a lot has changed, however I still remember the exact message.

That man claimed to be a neonomad. Working for many years on an head position, he left his job and began to travel. He had funds to move to the most interesting places in the world, to stay where he loved to and left whenever he started to feel weary or fulfilled all plans associated with a place. He led a life of rich wanderer. He ate wherever he wanted. On the street in Asian countries, in the most expensive restaurants of Scandinavia. He was fulfilling his dreams, starting with the prosaic ‘to sleep on the beach’, through ‘feeding sharks’, ending with ‘bonfire with real nomads on Sahara’.

When his funds began to shrink, he started to build an Internet business. He led several companies, whose employees he communicated via instant messaging, or created firms that was giving him funds without his participation. He was still traveling, leading business and earning at the same time. However, he hasn’t sat in the office, but on the back of a camel or on the beach of a tropical island.

Is it a good way to live? I don’t know. Certainly inspiring.

One innocent web site changed my life and perception of the world. It motivated me to implement several projects and it change my outlook. I’m happy to share it with You.

Maybe what you will find in this place will also affect You.

My name is Marcin Smoczyński, and I present NeoNomads.

See You later!

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